Key Benefits of Artemis’
Product Line:

  • Lead-free

  • OSHA, Cal. Prop. 65, and ROHS-compliant

  • Meet or exceed accepted industry attenuation standards
    (i.e., IEC, ASTM)

  • Green Certification pending

  • In process of obtaining LEED credit

  • Highly efficient --- 2.5x lead

  • Lightweight --- 60% lighter than lead in certain applications

  • Reduced Space --- 50% less than lead

  • Recyclable

  • Installation friendly

  • Reduced transportation costs

  • Zero x-ray and/or gamma ray permanent absorption

  • Reusable

  • Adaptable to proven energy efficient large scale automated manufacturing processes

  • Made in the U.S.

  • Protected technology

  • Continued improvements with fine tuning underway


Lead Replacement Bricks

lead brick replacement.png



portable x-ray




testing facilities


ARTEMIS’s line of Electromagnetic Attenuated Products are formulated and purposely directed towards replacing lead in all Industrial, Testing, Medical, Nuclear and Experimental facilities.

ARTEMIS’s Made in America products are based on proprietary, U.S. Patented, U.S. and International Patent Pending Novel Theoretical Concepts. Concepts whereby finely dispersed micro and nano particles of high atomic number elements with readily accessible core and outer shell electrons are made available in a variety of product types to interact with and attenuate X-rays, Gamma Rays and Neutron Rays both singularly and/or simultaneously.



ARTEMIS’s Referenced Product Line utilize commercially available proprietary formulated engineering Thermoplastic Polymer Alloys to bind the various dispersed high atomic number elements and/or elements with readily accessible outer shell electrons, so that standard proven economical manufacturing techniques may be utilized to deliver highly efficient attenuated shielding products.

Consequently, ARTEMIS’s product line may be Extruded, Injection Molded, Cast, Roto-Molded and/or Blow-Molded. These processes allow products to be delivered in a variety of forms and shapes (including sheets of varying thicknesses and attenuation), standard high volume widgets of varying thicknesses and attenuation, and customized widgets per individual attenuation requirements and specifications.